Energy-Efficient Window Installation

Energy-Efficient Window Installation in Vancouver, Washington

According to the Department of Energy, heat gain and loss through windows is responsible for up to 30% of your monthly energy use. It makes sense to consider installing energy efficient and dual pane windows in your Vancouver, WA home—on average, they save between $125-485 per year on energy bills.

DL Baker Homes is proud to offer Alside energy efficient window products. Their partnership with ENERGY STAR makes them a brand you can trust.

Not only will you save on your monthly energy bills, but the attractive options and extra comfort you’ll get from having proper insulation will make your home a haven. They help increase curb appeal and resale value, and even reduce the impact of outside noises, making them a smart investment all around.

What are Some of my Options?

Energy efficiency comes in a variety of choices.


Dual-pane windows have two panes to trap air between them and provide insulation. The glass panes are spaced slightly apart and hermetically sealed in order to keep from leaking.


Gas-filled windows are dual or triple-pane, filled with an insulating gas to provide insulation and block harmful UV rays. Typically, argon or krypton gas is used: Both are clear, odorless, and inert.


Coated windows will have special glazes that range from spectrally selective (filtering out heat while allowing the full spectrum of light to shine through) to low-emissivity (a microscopic metal or metallic oxide layer that reduces the U-factor, or how a window conducts non-solar heat flow).

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