Metal Roof Installation

Are you interested in the beauty and benefits a metal roof can provide? DL Baker Homes offers metal roofing installation in Vancouver, Washington. Metal is a great choice for its longevity and often last over fifty years. They come in a variety of metals and are ideal for places with severe coastal weather. Check out the benefits metal offers.

  • Built to Last

  • metal shingles If you install a metal roof, it may very well be the last roof you have to buy. Metal shingles have a lifetime of thirty to fifty years, as opposed to asphalt roofs, which need to be replaced every fifteen to twenty years. They’re fire and wind-resistant, can handle heavy snow loads or hail, and have the added benefit of being energy efficient. So, while metal panels can be more costly than asphalt, your initial investment will reap long-term savings.
  • Great Investment

  • metal panel roof Homeowners who choose metal for their roofs are also making a smart choice if they plan to resell as you can often recoup a high rate of the roof’s cost; averaging around 85%. Metal roofs often add a 6% resale value increase, and can even lower your homeowner’s insurance; depending on the company and location.
  • The Look You Want

  • chimney metal roof Metal roofs come in a huge variety of styles, materials, and colors (even emulating cedar shake and clay tiles) so you can get the exact look you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, the minimal amount of upkeep needed and the ability to repaint instead of replace make metallic roofing a low-maintenance choice.

    Popular Material Options Include:

    1. Aluminum
    2. Copper
    3. Corrugated Metal
    4. Metal Tile
    5. Metal Slate
    6. Standing Seam
    7. Steel
    8. Tin

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