Composition Roofing Installation

Composition roofing is similar in appearance to traditional shingle roofing, however it’s made with a fiberglass-reinforced type of asphalt shingle. It’s a long-term, cost-effective roofing solution that looks great and weathers well. If the time has come to assess the condition of your roof, it’s important to understand the benefits of a composition roof replacement in Vancouver, WA.

As expert installers familiar with composition shingles, DL Baker Homes LLC is ready to explain the benefits of composition roofing to you, so you can maximize your investment in your home.

The Benefits of Composition Roofing

Composition shingles bring a broad range of benefits to any home and are widely adaptable to all types of home styles and exterior designs. Check out what makes composition roofing such a great investment for homeowners:

  • Incredible durability that can last upwards of 50 years.
  • Superior wind resistance up to 110mph.
  • Great fire resistance that’s in-line with strict building codes.
  • Fade resistant properties that stand up to extreme UV exposure.
  • Eco-friendly design, aligned with LEED building practices.
  • Great cost-to-benefit relationship.

Composition roofing is also extremely diverse, with colors, patterns and strip styles to match any home’s curb appeal. It’s quick to install and looks uniform when complete. It’s a natural marriage between form and function!

Top Signs You Need New Composition Roofing

If you already have composition roofing, how do you know it’s time for a replacement? Here are a few signs you might be due for a composition roof replacement in Vancouver, WA:

  • Your composition shingles are more than 20-30 years old.
  • There are missing patches or loose shingle strips on your roof.
  • There are faded patches or discolored areas spotting your roof.
  • There’s leaks or moisture intrusion in your attic.
  • Your home is assessed at a lower value due to the roof’s age or condition.

It’s always best to have a professional thoroughly inspect your roof before deciding on a full replacement. Our team can provide a complete survey and a cost-benefit analysis for investing in new roofing, so you can replace your roofing confidently with a new composition roofing solution.

What to Expect From a Composition Roof

You’re going to experience great benefits from a composition roof replacement in Vancouver, WA! From the moment our team is done installing your new composition shingles, you’ll enjoy all these superior advantages:

  • Increased home value after assessment.
  • Improved curb appeal and aesthetic value.
  • Better home protection from UV, rain, wind and fire.
  • Improved water mitigation and resolved leaks.
  • Better roof longevity thanks to new, superior materials.

With a new composition roof over your head, you won’t have to worry about the next rainstorm… or the one after it. You’ll get peace of mind and protection for decades to come, backed by materials and workmanship that are more than proven.

Contact the Composition Roofing Experts

Has the time come for a new roof replacement? If so, consider composition roofing and let DL Baker Homes LLC handle the installation work. You’re guaranteed superior results and a home that looks great. Reach us today at 360-356-1251 to discuss composition shingles or your roof replacement needs.