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  • Is your roof up to the task of keeping your home safe from the elements? Is it contributing to your curb appeal? If it’s worn and weathered or falling apart, there’s no time to waste in calling DL Baker Homes LLC. We’re the roofing company in Portland, WA you can trust to restore the integrity, appeal and durability of your roof. Using the very best materials and working with expert craftsmanship, we install new roofing for homes throughout the Portland region. When we’re done, you’ll have roofing that looks great and stands tough against whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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  • Roofing Replacement

  • roofing-replacementWe specialize in full roof replacements. This process involves tearing off old shingles and damaged materials for a totally new roof, right down to the substrate. Not only do complete roof replacements achieve noticeably better curb appeal, they’re effective for everything from improving roof ventilation to protecting against improper drainage.Trust us to install every row of shingles flawlessly and make sure protective flashing keeps the moisture out of cracks and crevices. We’re waterproofing experts with the know-how to protect your home.
  • Owens Corning Shingles

  • Our years as a roofing contractor in Portland, WA have given us firsthand experience with all types of roofing materials. We stand by Owens Corning shingles as our go-to, premium choice for roofing shingles. Owens Corning shingles are available in a broad range of colors and styles—we’ll work with you to choose the right ones to complete your home’s look.

Protect Your Home, Starting at the Top

Few parts of your home are more essential and important than the roof. When the time comes for a new roof, choose the experts that’ll do the job the way it should be done!

Contact DL Baker Homes LLC today at 360-356-1251 and let us outfit your home with a quality roof that’ll protect it for the next decade or more to come.

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Portland’s Climate

Portland, OR has a temperate oceanic climate, often resulting in cool, wet weather. Thanks to the Coast Range, air flows eastward from the Pacific Ocean, rises steeply, then drops in temperature. This produces the heavy rains the Pacific Northwest is known for. Anyone who’s ever been caught in a surprise rainstorm knows this area can unexpectedly dump buckets of water on you! The average yearly rainfall can top 45 inches!

Water’s not the only element likely to damage your home here: strong winds, moss and heat can also take their toll on your roof. With rain, snow and triple-digit temperatures, the Portland weather can really do a number on your roofing. We recommend a yearly inspection to look for signs of damage and aging. No roof can last forever, but with good maintenance, you can increase your roof’s longevity.

Have you already noticed rising energy bills, leaks or signs of water damage to your roof? It might be time to repair or replace it. Leaving your roof unrepaired can cause devastating damage to your home, or cause it to spread even further.

There are several factors involved in whether you can extend your current roof’s lifespan, or whether it’s time to go ahead and invest in a brand-new roof. DL Baker Homes would be happy to give you a free in-home estimate. We’ll talk to you about your options and help you choose the right solution for your home.

  • Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

Your roof might be damaged, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily have to tear the whole thing off and start over. There are a number of factors that go into deciding whether you need to replace the roof, or if some basic repairs and maintenance will do the trick.

Here are the major factors that will make a difference between whether you can repair or must replace your roof:


If your asphalt roof is over ten years old, you’re getting close to the end of its lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, you can extend your roof’s longevity. But no roof can last forever. It might be time to replace it.


How your roof is constructed makes a huge difference. Metal roofs and shingles don’t need to be replaced at the same rate asphalt shingles must be—some can last as long as sixty years. Asphalt shingles usually last ten to fifteen years. In contrast, tile roofs are prone to breakage, which can lead to water damage, so tile-roof homeowners must be vigilant about inspecting for cracks. Slate tiles are incredibly durable, and can last over a century. Wood shingles, which are becoming less popular, are prone to rotting, so you may consider replacing wooden shingles with another material when you live in a wet, rainy area like Portland.

Your schedule

Timing matters. If you’re in a hurry, roof replacement may not be for you. Whether it’s because of your personal schedule or you’ve just noticed damage during a rainstorm, we recommend taking preventative measures as soon as you notice there’s a problem.


When the damage to your roof is too great to patch up, you’ll need to replace your roof. When you consult with DL Baker Homes, we can give you free estimates and walk you through your options.


Always compare the cost of repair against replacement. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to replace your entire roof.

• Layers. The beauty of asphalt and metal shingles are they can be installed right on top of the old ones—but housing codes prevent having more than two layers at a time. If your roof has already had a second layer of shingles installed, you’ll need to replace it.

• Color. After decades of exposure to the elements, your shingles will naturally fade. Adding new shingles will be obvious, so if you’re concerned about your roof having mismatched shingles, consider roof replacement.

Take a Look at Your Roof’s Condition

The extent of the damage is also a huge factor in whether you’ll need to replace your entire roof. Some damage, like the odd missing shingle, can be patched easily. Sometimes, however, especially if you’ve waited, the damage can spread. Read on for signs of damage:

Black Streaks Across the Roof

Black streaks can indicate an algae problem. Having black algae growing on your roof can break down the shingles over a period of years, eventually robbing them of their UV protection and causing them to peel. Power washing may address this, before the damage becomes too great.

Peeling or Missing Shingles

Sometimes damage is easy to spot. If your shingles are warped, peeling, or missing, your roof is likely suffering from old age, and you may be able to patch the damage with new shingles. Depending on how many are missing or peeling, and whether there are any other signs of damage to your roof, the flashing, or the gutters, you may be able to have the roof patched.

Granules Wearing Away

If you’re noticing gritty granules from your shingles in your rain gutters or noticing them falling off when you’re inspecting the roof, that means the protective shingle coating is breaking down. This is usually due to old age and mostly happens to asphalt roofs.

Moss or Lichen Covering the Roof

Moss and lichen not only discolor your roof, they also invade the spaces between shingles, lifting the shingles away from the roof as they grow larger. This can lead to water and structural damage over time. In a soggy climate like Portland’s, it’s important to be vigilant about moss and lichen!

Drooping & Sagging

No matter what the slope or architectural components of your roof are, your roof should never look curved or sagging. If you notice signs of drooping or sagging, don’t delay. Contact a roofing professional immediately before the damage worsens.

  • 7 Factors to Consider About Your Roof’s Condition

No roof can last forever, but some can last pretty close! How long it lasts depends on the roofing material as well as how well you’ve maintained the roof. Unfortunately, there comes a point where the roof is too old to offer adequate protection. How will you know when it’s time to replace the roof? In addition to what kind of damage you’re observing, there are some other factors to consider.

#1 Previous Patching

Has your roof been patched before? Where, and how big? If you find yourself patching the same spots over and over again, this could be a sign of more serious structural damage, or an outside cause that needs to be eliminated. Getting a roofing inspection will help identify the damage.

#2 Water Damage

It’s not just rain you need to worry about, it’s standing water. When you have missing or displaced shingles, water can seep into your roof’s underlayer.

#3 Wind Damage

Strong winds can lift shingles away from the roof, which lets air and moisture seep into the structure. Maintaining your roof will help eliminate this problem, but a roofing professional can tell you if it’s already too late.

#4 Exposed Nails

Are you seeing exposed nails on your roof? Exposed nails are a sign of damage from missing or displaced shingles. If your roof already has two layers of shingles, this may indicate it’s time to replace the entire thing.

#5 Recent Severe Weather

We get our share of severe weather in Portland—so when a big storm hits, you’d be wise to check your roof for damage. What’s not obvious from the inside can still cause major problems.

#6 Natural Disasters

We live in an earthquake and wildfire prone area, which can add to the damage your roof has suffered. Be sure to check your roof after natural disasters occur.

#7 Missing or Damaged Gutters & Flashing

Gutters and flashing are designed to help water travel down the roof and away from your home. If you have damaged gutters and flashing, or none at all, this will allow water to enter your home. If water is left to drip into the roof and structure, you could have a disaster on your hands.

  • What to Look For in a Portland Roofing Company

Your roof is the first line of defense against our stormy weather, so it’s important to install and maintain it with care. Be sure to investigate any potential roofing contractors you want to hire! When you’re looking for a roofing company, here are some things to consider:

Free In-home Estimates

Find a contractor who offers free in-home estimates. DL Baker Homes will send a contractor to your home to inspect your roof, check for damage and give you an estimate of what it would cost to repair or replace your roof.


Ask about warranties—not just for roofing materials, but what your contractor offers on their labor. You should also ask for comparisons between different kinds of roofing materials, and which kinds are best for this climate and your budget.


There’s no substitute for experience, and you want a roofer who has seen it all. How many years of experience does your roofer have? Do they hire subcontractors? How do they decide who’s qualified?


Be sure the roofer you hire has both liability and worker’s comp insurance—you can even ask to see the certificates. Smart consumers will call the insurance company to verify coverage.


Look for a roofing contractor who is well-established in the community. Word of mouth is a great way to find out who’s apt to give you a great experience with your roof repair or replacement. Check out reviews and testimonials online!

DL Baker Homes is proud to offer free in-home inspections. We’ll come out and look at your roof, then help you decide whether you need to replace or repair. With our wide variety of Owens Corning shingles and other reputable brands, you’re sure to find the exact look and longevity you desire. Contact us today for an estimate!

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