Rain Gutter Guards

Rain Gutter Guards in Vancouver, Washington

DL Baker Homes is happy to offer rain gutter guard installation to help your Vancouver, WA home or business keep leaves from clogging up the system. No one likes cleaning out their rain gutters—it’s messy and smelly—so why not have leaf covers installed to eliminate the problem at the source?

Leaf covers guard against leaves, pine needles, flower petals, seed pods, and other debris that can clog your gutters; leading to costly water damage. We offer a variety of high-quality gutter guards and the expertise to install them perfectly; regardless of the shape or size of your property.

Custom Fitted Leaf & Debris Guards

Gutter covers come in several different categories: screens, inserts, and reverse-curves. Each of them offer different benefits, so your home’s location will determine which kind you’ll need.

  • Screens fit over the top of the gutter to allow water in while keeping leaves and debris out.
  • Inserts are specially-treated materials that sit inside the gutter, allowing water to flow through while keeping clogs from occurring.
  • Reverse curves use angles and surface tension to allow water into the gutters, keeping large debris out.

Even with covered gutters, you’ll still have to do occasional cleaning – typically, only once a year or so instead of several times a year. They not only save time, they dramatically decrease the risk of a clog that could cause expensive damage over time. With Vancouver getting an average of 42 inches of rain per year, it’s smart to protect your home from the elements as much as you can.

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