When You Should Install New Gutters in Portland, OR
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When You Should Install New Gutters in Portland, OR

May 5, 2019

You may be in the midst of multiple spring cleaning projects, but we have one more to add to your list: your gutters. Cleaning out your gutters periodically is essential to making sure they continue to work well all year long, keeping rain and other debris from collecting on your roof, and keeping a steady flow of water and moisture from your roof toward the ground. When doing your routine gutter maintenance, you’ll want to be on the lookout for needing gutter replacement in Portland, OR.

Look for these signs that your gutters need to be replaced:

  • Sagging: If there’s been a lot of snow or ice over the winter, the weight of the sitting moisture can cause the gutters to begin sagging. This may also impact the brackets, creating a loose fit, and possibly causing the gutter to be hanging at an angle. This will impact the gutter’s ability to catch moisture and debris and impede its function.
  • Spreading seams: Weight can also cause spreading apart at the seams, which can lead to leaking and eventually complete failure of the gutters. The weight of snow or other debris can cause this spreading, which indicates a full gutter replacement is necessary.
  • Leaking: Any amount of leaking from the gutters is a sign of needing repair. This can come from being clogged with too much debris, sagging, spreading seams or hanging at the wrong angle. However, no matter the cause, leaking can lead to foundation and siding damage if left uncorrected.
  • Clogging: Clogged gutters can be repaired more easily than damaged gutters. However, excess clogging can still create problems and needs to be addressed before the damage results in needing gutter replacement in Portland, OR. Too much debris, dirt and water can accumulate throughout the gutters, and especially at the downspout entrance. You’ll want to clear these out before spring storms bring even more leaves and debris.

Schedule gutter replacement in Portland, OR

Depending on the problem you’re facing with your gutters, you may decide whether or not you want to contact professionals to handle your gutter repair or replacement. If it’s cleaning you need, you may be able to successfully clean out your gutters yourself. You can also install gutter covers to prevent clogging from happening in the future. There are many DIY gutter covers available, such as foam inserts or wire mesh. However, you’ll want to monitor your covers closely to see if they’re holding up successfully in your climate.

If your gutters are damaged beyond repair, you’ll want to install new ones. A gutter company can create seamless gutters specifically for your home, which will reduce leaks in the future and last a long time. The high-quality products and expertise of a gutter company will take the weight off your shoulders for monitoring any DIY job over the long term. Spring is the perfect time for new gutter installations, as you won’t have to deal with snow or the cold during the installation.

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