Spring Cleaning for Your Roof
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Spring Cleaning for Your Roof

April 23, 2019

It’s that time of year again: time for spring cleaning!

While you’re cleaning out your closets and dusting those shelves, don’t forget about the exterior of your home, too. At the close of winter is the best time to clear off your roof and have it cleaned, since it can take some serious damage during winter storms, ice and snow. Use this list of tips or invest in professional roofing service in Portland, OR to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape before spring ends and the summer heat begins:

  • Tree review: The trees around your home are a great place to begin when starting your spring roof cleaning. They’ll begin growing in the spring, and you’ll be able to notice whether any branches are getting too close to your roof for safety. You’ll want to trim branches that loom over your roof or are getting close enough to touch it. Trees that hang over the roof are dangerous because branches can break off during a storm and land on the roof, which can cause varying levels of damage and result in a need for roofing service in Portland, OR. Not only will this protect your roof from damage caused directly by the trees and branches, but it will limit the number of leaves and sticks that can pile on the roof later this year in the fall.
  • Clean out gutters: It’s important to periodically clean out your gutters as well. Even though gutters are there for collecting debris and water, it doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. It’s good to clean them seasonally to make room for collecting more muck. Dirt, debris and granules from the roof can all spill into the gutters, which impedes the flow of water and moisture. Getting the gutters cleared will allow for an even and consistent flow of water.
  • Shingle inspection: The shingles on your roof can sustain the most damage, whether cosmetic or something deeper. Replacing and patching up damaged or lost shingles on your roof can save on costly repairs in the long run, before the damage spreads or runs deeper. You may also take this time to inspect whether any particular shingles are peeling or fading. Signs of wear and tear on shingles is an indicator that they will need to be replaced. Whether your shingles are made from asphalt, rubber or wood, they can all sustain damage. Asphalt wears out the most quickly, but other types of shingles can crack in the ice. You’ll want to inspect your shingles thoroughly to make sure you replace any that need it.
  • Investigate the attic: Finally, you’ll want to check out your attic if you have one. It should be dry and dark, with no excess light coming through. Light can indicate a thinning of the roof, or even holes. Moisture and mildew can also indicate that the space is not well insulated, and the roof may need repair or replacement. You’ll also want to make sure you extensively clean out the space, because moisture accumulation can lead to mold growth. Properly insulating your attic will protect the interior of your home and ensure lower heating and cooling costs.

If you’re in need of roofing services in Portland, OR, choose DL Baker Homes LLC. From roofing and siding to gutters and windows, we bring quality materials and superior workmanship to your home.

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