Tips to Help You Prevent Roofing Problems
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Tips to Help You Prevent Roofing Problems

March 29, 2019

Want to avoid troublesome issues with your roof? The best thing you can do is perform regular inspections so you can detect any problems that do arise early on, before they become more significant (and expensive to fix). You can work with a roofing contractor in Portland, OR occasionally to have them get up on your roof and make sure everything looks good.

Here are some of the ways that you can prevent some common roofing problems:

  • Always be on the lookout for leaks: Leaks, of course, are the big issue you need to be concerned about with your roof. Even small leaks can cause some significant water damage, as well as mold growth. Mold is an indication that you have leaks in your roof, and the longer you let that mold sit, the more damage it can do both to the structure of your home and to your own respiratory health. Keep an eye out for leaks inside your home, and ask your roofing inspector to check for any signs of leaks up top as well.
  • If you do notice leaks, take immediate action: The longer you wait to fix leaks in your roof, the more damage will be done, resulting in much more significant and expensive problems to fix.
  • Work with experts: Any time you hire someone to come out and perform work on your roof, make sure they have the experience and credentials necessary for the job. An expert has the knowledge and tools needed to assess your roof properly and thoroughly and figure out the underlying issues at play. Make sure you check references and professional organizations so you can get a better sense of the quality of their work.
  • Replace shingles that blow off: Occasionally, shingles will below off during heavy windstorms, resulting in some bare patches on your roof. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem, as long as you’re able to get up and replace those shingles as soon as possible. As long as you make the replacements quickly, you’ll be able to avoid the damage getting worse and potentially leading to you having to replace the entire roof.
  • Work with companies that have warranties: Any company you hire to take on your roof projects should have some sort of guarantees they offer for their work so you do not get stuck with some major roofing issues and have no recourse to get those problems fixed for free. A company that does not stand by its work or offer warranties or other guarantees to its customers cannot be trusted to do a good job the first time around.
  • Engage in annual inspections: Annual roofing inspections and other forms of preventative care can go a long way toward helping you avoid major problems with your roof.

Interested in learning more about some of the best ways you can prevent common roofing problems? Contact a roofing contractor in Portland, OR at DL Baker Homes LLC today with your questions and we’ll be happy to teach you more.

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